Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My first Swap

So I finally decided to sign up for a card swap on Splitcoast stampers. I'm kinda hesitant to put my skills out there but I thought what the heck.. this might be fun. So now i just need to figure out how to post a picture of it on here and SCS. LOL.

Being home this long after 2 back surgeries has become soooo boring luckily I have this as an outlet. I really enjoy being able to incorporate a more artistic angle into the scrapbooking. Gone are the days of just cutting mats for your photos and buying stickers as your only embellishements.  The women on you tube and blogspot are such inspirations for me. I have learned soooo much from watching hours of tutorials! My favorites are Arlene, Bona, Laura (following the paper trail), Marion Smith, Jo, Rina, Yollibean... the list is long!! These women are soo talented and so kind to donate there time to help others learn from them!

Anyways.. enough babbling..  This card is for the swap and I hope they like it!

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